AVC Externship Grants

The AVC Board of Directors approved funding of a grant program to financially assist veterinary students working in an externship or preceptorship program or summer employment. These grants are in the amount of $500.00 per student. The funds can be used as the student needs to help offset the expenses encountered during an externship (i.e. fuel, meals, lodging, etc.)


The requirements are:

    1. A demonstrated interest in Beef Production Medicine, (cow-calf, stocker, and/or feedlot)
    2. A financial need
    3. You must be currently enrolled in a veterinary college


The Scholarship Committee is depending greatly on AVC members that are in contact with veterinary students and know both their interests and financial situation to nominate candidates.


Final selection of the recipients will be made by the AVC Scholarship Committee. Applications are accepted from October 1 to January 31.


The following must be performed in order to be considered:

    1. Students should submit the (open October 1st). You will receive an email confirmation.
    2. Students need to have the veterinarian, where their externship will take place, complete the application process by indicating they are willing to accept the student for the externship.


The Externship Veterinarian should enter an agreement to accept the student by .


Both forms must be completed prior to January 31.