AVC Armstrong Award

$3,000 Research Award, Sponsored by Veterinary Research and Consulting Services


The Armstrong Award is awarded annually for excellence in beef cattle clinical research. The recipient must be enrolled in an accredited college of veterinary medicine or in a post DVM graduate degree program. The application is due by January 31st each year.


Douglas A. Armstrong Memorial Award

The Douglas A. Armstrong Memorial award is funded through a memorial established by the friends and family of Dr. Armstrong commemorating his leadership in beef cattle production medicine and through a continuing grant from Veterinary Research and Consulting Services. A committee established by the Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) will be responsible for the annual selection of a recipient.


The AVC, an organization that Dr. Armstrong held near to his heart, is an association of veterinarians involved in beef cattle medicine, herd health programs, and consultation. Their mission is to provide continuing education, member support, and leadership among various entities of the beef cattle industry. The AVC strives for optimum productivity of a safe, high-quality product.


In 1997 a memorial award was created in honor of noted veterinary clinical researcher and scientist, Dr. Douglas A. Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong’s success as a practitioner and consultant laid the ground-work for his accomplishments as an investigator in veterinary research. Tall in both stature and respect, Dr. Armstrong’s views were sought by those on the front line of veterinary medicine.

Possessing the keen ability to recognize problems, Dr. Armstrong designed, initiated, and implemented clinical field trials in pursuit of solutions. He had an innate ability to examine data, reported his findings without “over-interpreting” the results, and wasn’t afraid to challenge anyone on an issue in which he believed.


Dr. Armstrong respected those who both sought and shared knowledge. He never hesitated to consult with leaders in his field and was eager to share what he had learned with those who were willing to listen. Conversely, he was suspect of those who guarded information and impatient with those who didn’t listen to an explanation.


Dr. Armstrong was a lifelong thinker, learner, and dreamer. He was regarded by many as a mentor and will be greatly missed.



The Douglas A. Armstrong Memorial Award is awarded annually for excellence in beef cattle clinical research. The award amount is $3,000 and is awarded to the recipient at his/her school’s annual awards ceremony. The recipient is expected to make a short presentation summarizing his/her research project at a meeting of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants. Transportation and related expenses incurred in attending the meeting will be reimbursed by the Academy of Veterinary Consultants.



Recipients must be actively enrolled in a veterinary school and have a current research project or a graduate veterinarian enrolled in a post-graduate degree program.


To apply:

    1. Complete and submit between October 1st and January 31st.
    2. Each application must have 2 (two) letters of recommendation. Your references should fill out .
    3. Email a current resume, no more than 5 pages, to the AVC office.
    4. The research project must be completed within 12 months of the award date and the recipient will be asked to present at an AVC meeting.


The completed application, resume, and protocol (protocol included in the application form) must be received on or before January 31 of the award year. The recipient will be announced at the Spring meeting of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants.


Selection Criteria

Recipient will be selected based on the following criteria:

    1. Proposed protocol for clinical research project.
      • Design-straightforward, simple design preferred
      • Creativity
      • Use of sound epidemiological principles
      • Demonstrated understanding of sound statistical principles
      • Economic analysis
      • Practical clinical application
    2. Demonstrated interest and involvement with the beef cattle industry
      • Background
      • Past work experience
      • Career goals and objectives
      • Academic accomplishments
    3. Personal references(Each application must have 2 (two) letters of recommendation.)
      • Your references should fill out the form onliine.


    For questions or comments, contact the AVC Office.